VOIP - using the internet to make phone calls can seriously cut the cost of your phone bills - we hear that all the time.  Is it just computing hype?  We can dispel that fear - it is not a myth and it works!  It wasn't pretty in the past - line connections and call quality were poor - but it's a different story today. 

Imagine that once upon a time we had to call the phone people and ask them to install a PBX phone system for the office at great expense - the outlay was considerable for new businesses.  And for the one man business or freelancer - this was an impossible outlay.  You may have heard of Skype - they do roughly the same thing but they lack the polished business phone system - and they cannot port your existing business phone number over to the new system like we can.

Today, that investment into the in-house phone system is no longer necessary - it's all done via the internet.  Some may worry that maybe when the internet goes down along goes the phone system with it - that's not true either. 

It's a topic that needs more detailed analysis and thought; ask us - we'll make sure to describe it to you in simple terms.  We've already implemented this successfully for other businesses - make this your natural choice too.

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